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GetMe2 have experience in providing support to clients in developing sustainable travel strategies across a wide range of services. 

With practice in working across a wide range of sectors including Residential, Employment, Education, Health and Leisure, we work closely with Clients and Local Authorities in developing effective Travel Plans and encouraging sustainable travel behaviours. 

Travel Plans

Travel Plans are a long-term management strategy developed to ensure developments have a commitment to encouraging sustainable and active travel. There are a number of different types of Travel Plan including Interim, Full/Final, Framework and Area Wide. The compliance can vary including Planning, BREEAM, Modeshift and PAS 500. 

GetMe2 have experience writing dedicated Travel Plans for a range of Education (including SEND), Healthcare, Employment, Residential and Mixed land-use sites. We work closely with clients to ensure they have an understanding of the Travel Plan process and are aware of the commitments made within the document. We also engage with Local Authorities in understanding their Travel Planning requirements.

Travel Plan Co-ordinator 

A Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) is responsible for the ‘day to day’ running of the Travel Plan. Their roles include delivering the actions and initiatives set within the Travel Plan, marketing of sustainable and active travel and monitoring travel behaviour.

GetMe2 are the TPC for a number of Residential and Employment sites, as well as provide consultancy services to those looking to undertake the TPC role. 

Examples of our TPC sites please visit the My Travel Site  or see our regular updates within News.

Welcome Packs and Site Specific Websites 

Travel Plans often require welcome packs to be developed. We offer this by producing site-specific websites, which can be tailored to clients’ requests. These websites can be easily updated and are used to regularly provide current travel information and local and national events. 

Examples of our Travel Website can be found on the My Travel Site page.

The website is often supplemented with printed materials to increase coverage of travel information and resources available to make sustainable and active travel choices. 

Personalised Travel Planning 

Personalised Travel Planning is a technique used to deliver targeted information to individuals on how they travel. It focuses on individual motivations, barriers and needs to provide resources in changing how a person travels.  

GetM 2 offer this service through our info@getme2.co.uk email address or via our travel websites.   

Modeshift Partner 

Modeshift Stars is the National Travel Plan Award System developed to enable consistency in the content and approach of Travel Plans and their users. It supports organisations with evidencing work conducted on Travel Plans.  The online monitoring allows for progress on initiatives to be easily recorded, modeshare information to be updated and integrated into targets and achievements recognised.  

Modeshift is also recognised and used across many Local Authorities within the UK for education, employment and residential Travel Plans. 

SAJ Transport Consultancy have been a Partner since 2021 regularly contributing to best practice at focus groups and Regional meetings. We are activily involved in the annual National Modeshift Conference and the annual Business Convention.

BREEAM Compliance 

BREEAM is a leading sustainability assessment and certification scheme within the built environment. It aims to assess, encourage and reward environmental, social and economic sustainability. BREEAM has two Transport assessment criteria (TRA 01 and TRA 02) which includes a Travel Plan document together with initiatives to support sustainable and active travel. GetMe2 have experience working with clients and BREEAM Assessors in producing BREEAM compliant documents.

Travel Surveys 

Travel Surveys are used to establish the current modeshare and travel patterns of site users for a development. Surveys are required to quantify volume and type of movement together with qualitative information such as the barriers to using particular types of transport, routes or services. Data informs realistic modeshare targets, identifies changes in patterns of travel and recognises concerns and opportunities towards behaviours and engagement in active and sustainable travel.

GetMe2 offer a range of surveys which are tailored to the site and client requirements. Typical surveys include:

  • Secondary data source review
  • Occupier Travel Surveys – online and/or paper copies 
  • Traffic Counts
  • Multi-Modal Survey

Site Audits 

Site Audits are conducted to assess the accessibility of a site by a variety of means of travel. They comprise of site visits, public transport service levels, accessibility to local amenities, pedestrian and cycle provisions.

Discharge of Transport Related Planning Conditions 

Within the post-application stage, Transport Related Planning Conndtions are often required to be discharged. This can include Final/Full Travel Plans,  Travel Plan Coordinator roles and Car Park  Management Strategies.

GetMe2 provides assistance in discharging these transport planning-related conditions by working with Local Authorities and ensuring Clients are aware of the commitments being made.  

Multimodal Transport Studies

Multimodal Transport Studies are conducted to understand the current ability to travel by multiple methods of transport and the connections of these modes (i.e train and cycle).  It’s used to reflect the realistic accessibility of a site and the journeys a resident or employee would make.

Car Park Management Plans 

Car Park Management Plans are used to identify and manage demands in car parking. GetMe2 work with clients in providing plans that look to manage competing demands. This can include aspects such as site layout and bay allocation, assessing peaks in demand, pricing and permits, scheduling activities, enforcement and promoting sustainable and active forms of transport.

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