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17th November 2023

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 19th – 25th November
BRAKE is the UK’s Road Safety Charity and this year’s theme is ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT SPEED’.

Now is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how you drive and how to make your road network safer for yourselves, your family,  your friends and your local community.

Did you know:

1. 1 in 4 fatal crashes involve someone driving too fast.

2. 5 people die on UK Roads every day.

3. A crash at 30mph has twice as much energy and destructive potential as a crash at 20mph.

4. Road Safety Week gives us the opportunity to remember people killed or injured on UK roads.

BRAKE has set us some questions to reflect on why we speed!

1. Why do we speed? – Do we think it’s ok just this one time, or on this road?

2. Would you ask someone to slow down if they were going over the speed limit?

3. What stops you from speeding? – In times when you have found yourself speeding, what made you slow down?

4. How does fast traffic make you feel? – Is it noisy or do you feel unsafe?

Go to the BRAKE Road Safety website to find out more information – https://www.brake.org.uk/

Pledge Training For Drivers

BRAKE has developed a game to improve our knowledge on reducing the risks of being involved in a crash and protecting yourself and other road users.




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