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Wynyard Village Extension, Stockton-on-Tees

Brief Description

A residential development in Wynyard Village, comprising 630 executive houses, a village centre and a primary school.

Existing and predicted traffic congestion along the A689 and the A19/A689 interchange.

Various schemes and stakeholders in the area leading to the involvement of ATLAS, an independent advisory body for larger scale developments.


Providing strategic advice to the client on the approach to the application, and providing representation at the ATLAS meetings.

Preparation of a Transport Assessment (TA) and a Travel Plan (TP) in support of the proposed application.

Preparation of layouts and signal plans for the proposed road widening and signalisation along the A689 corridor. The scheme also forms part of the Tees Valley Local Growth Fund (LGF) bid submitted by Stockton Borough Council in support of the proposed development.

Collaboration with the Highways Agency (HA) and Stockton Borough Council (SBC) to refine the microsimulation model to assess the development proposal.


Modelling results showed the traffic impacts associated with the proposed development could be mitigated by the proposed highway improvements and signal systems.

The application received support from the highways officers at Stockton Borough Council, Hartlepool Borough Council, and the Highways Agency, contributing to planning approval.


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